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Sexy 80s Beach Babe by Nemico-Tenebre Sexy 80s Beach Babe :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 1 0 1980s Party Girl by Nemico-Tenebre 1980s Party Girl :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 3 0 My South Park OC - Vanity (Vee) C. Allred by Nemico-Tenebre My South Park OC - Vanity (Vee) C. Allred :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 0 0
England X Reader: The Attic
England X Reader: The Attic
“Huh? What are you doing here?” You glanced up from the stoop you were standing on.
“Um, you asked me to come over today. Remember?” Arthur slapped a hand over his face. “Ah,
yes. That’s right. I forgot what day it was,” he replied as he looked away in embarrassment. You blinked at him, noticing how red his face was becoming with each passing second.
“You feeling okay Artie?” you asked teasingly, loving the fact that you could make him flustered so easily. A scowl immediately replaced his blush as he folded his arms in irritation. “Come in, come in,” he grumbled, stepping aside to let you enter. The scent of Earl Grey and spice filled your nose as you crossed the threshold of the Englishman’s home, a smile creeping onto your lips. “I’m afraid that there’s quite a lot of antiques and other memorabilia clogging the attic, you see,” Arthur stated as he turned to face
:iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 335 103
Deviant ID - 2013 by Nemico-Tenebre Deviant ID - 2013 :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 0 0 MomoCon 2013 - Bulma/DBZ by Nemico-Tenebre MomoCon 2013 - Bulma/DBZ :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 1 0 Fan Art For Lucahjin's Pokemon White Let's Play by Nemico-Tenebre Fan Art For Lucahjin's Pokemon White Let's Play :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 40 12 Um... Spain? Is That You? by Nemico-Tenebre Um... Spain? Is That You? :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 10 13 Why Ya Gotta Be Like Dat, Iggy? by Nemico-Tenebre Why Ya Gotta Be Like Dat, Iggy? :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 7 1 Deviant ID - 2012 by Nemico-Tenebre Deviant ID - 2012 :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 0 0 The Misfits - Stormer by Nemico-Tenebre The Misfits - Stormer :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 5 4 The Misfits - Roxy by Nemico-Tenebre The Misfits - Roxy :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 5 0 The Misfits - Pizzazz by Nemico-Tenebre The Misfits - Pizzazz :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 5 0 Powerpuff Girls - Bubbles by Nemico-Tenebre Powerpuff Girls - Bubbles :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 1 0 Powerpuff Girls - Blossom by Nemico-Tenebre Powerpuff Girls - Blossom :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 1 3 Powerpuff Girls - Buttercup by Nemico-Tenebre Powerpuff Girls - Buttercup :iconnemico-tenebre:Nemico-Tenebre 3 3


Kill La Kill - Ryuko Matoi cosplay by TechnoRanma Kill La Kill - Ryuko Matoi cosplay :icontechnoranma:TechnoRanma 379 19
Stubborn Love {Romano x Reader}
“Okay, so I love you. Deal with it… idiota ragazza.”
You’d never been more worried in your entire life.
You continued to sit in that uncomfortable hospital chair, simply watching him, for hours. Though no matter how long you waited, he still wouldn’t wake up.
You had no tears left, your knees weren’t shaking anymore, and your heartbeat wasn’t thumping erratically. Not like it had been during the time of the accident, of course.
You sighed, and continued to watch his sleeping face. He looked so cute and innocent that way. The nurses had cleaned him up pretty well; so his body wasn’t covered in blood and dirt anymore.
The beeping of the heart monitor was what kept you from going insane. You feared for his life, yes, but that monitor kept your hopes up. It had maintained a healthy, steady beat, just as the doctors had told you it would.
It wasn’t too serious of an accident- in fact the doctors assured you he would
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 840 168
Macchiato Moments - Romano x Reader
You groaned and banged your head on the table hopelessly. Papers were scattered all over the table, books and notebooks were all open waiting to be read, eraser shavings dirtied your study area, and the feeling of despair was in the air.
Yup, it was finals week.
You turned your head to the side to glare at the snickering Italian in front of you. "Lovi...Rather than eating that tomato all day, why don't you do something useful like oh I dunno…HELPING me study?"
He leaned back into his chair cozily, "Hell no that's too much work."
Your eye twitched, "Then why are you even in my house?!"
"Because you said I could come over idiota."
You scoffed. Yeah right. You knew the REAL reason why Lovino was at your house. Whenever it was exam, midterm, or final exam week, the Italian man always made sure to visit. No, not to comfort you and make the load easier but because he was secretly a masochist loving bastard deep inside.
"Why do they even have finals in December anywa
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 479 103
Germans and Their Dogs
Gilbert doubled over from laughing as you screamed bloody murder and sprinted all over his yard. His eyes teared up and he held the stitch in his side and gasped for air.
"F-Frau…you're…AHAHAHAHAHA!!" He laughed and slapped his knee.
"GILBERT HELP ME YOU *cusses like Romano*" You screamed and climbed onto the nearest tree in fear.
"But your reaction is HILARIOUS!"
"GILBERT YOU ARSE THIS IS A MATTER OF LIFE OR DEATH!!" You screamed and desperately hugged onto the trunk of the tree. You glanced down and in fear you saw the face of death right in front of you- in the form of blood-thirsty, fluffy dogs. Your grip was slipping and you were screaming for dear life as the dogs barked and jumped happily at you.
Ludwig bursted through the door at the sound of your horror movie worthy scream ,"MEIN GOTT, what is going on-"
"Lud…Lud..wig! I…I…I..can't breathe…KESESESESESESESE!" Gilbert laughed and held up a weak hand. Ludwig pulled him up and glanced towards yo
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 454 205
Tifa. nsfw version optional. by sakimichan Tifa. nsfw version optional. :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,284 672 Pokemon - Misty by GENZOMAN Pokemon - Misty :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 8,462 242 The Pokemon Professor by RoughReaill The Pokemon Professor :iconroughreaill:RoughReaill 6,373 382 Misty by sakimichan Misty :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 23,368 671 Stars born from her eyes by Qinni Stars born from her eyes :iconqinni:Qinni 6,758 201 kim Possible by sakimichan kim Possible :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 27,721 969 Rusty's little girl by Edge14 Rusty's little girl :iconedge14:Edge14 13 13 Oh yeah... she wonts it.... by DarkPenguin
Mature content
Oh yeah... she wonts it.... :icondarkpenguin:DarkPenguin 27 7
Good Morning Shizuo x Reader
 The blonde was tossing and turning in his bed. Something felt different. He reached for the closest thing and pulled it closer. His eyes shot open. He was holding a pillow.
 He tossed the pillow and jumped out of bed. He started searching his apartment."(f/n)? (f/n)!" he cried out in every room. Now the ex bartender was growing scared. His heart raced at the thought of his girl missing. His mind conjured up all the worst scenarios: maybe she got hurt or kidnapped or those damn punks might have her or worse that damn flea has her. His heart quickened with these thoughts.
 Shizuo couldn't take it anymore; he was going to find her himself. He was headed outside until he was stopped by someone at his door.
 "Shizu-chan~!" the female exclaimed.
 "(f/n)." The blonde was a bit relieved seeing her face.
 "Um Shizuo," the girl noticed his agivated exppression, "are you okay?" she asked.
 "I thought that damn flea had you. I was going to look for you and beat the sh-"
 "Like that?"
:iconcarsonmasterson:CarsonMasterson 642 50
The Jewel in My Eyes Shizuo x Reader
"Merry Christmas to the two of you! I hope your night is filled with happiness!" Shizuo growls softly as a donation collector rings his bell loudly in your faces. You laugh and pull Shizuo away from the man before he decides to throw him across downtown Ikebukuro.
"Why the hell does he feel the need to do that? God it pisses me off." Shizuo pulls out a cigarette from his pocket and lights it, inhaling the smoke and sighing contently. You smile and discreetly wave away the smoke. You dislike Shizuo smoking but you know there’s not much you can do to stop him. You’ve been dating the ex-bartender for nearly a year now ever since you asked him out after high school. He was reluctant at first to go on a date but later warmed up and agreed to go out with you. His reluctance was that he didn’t want to hurt you if he got angry with his inhuman strength.
“So is there any place in particular you would like to see?” Shizuo stuffs his hands in his pockets as he watche
:iconfirelightphoenix:FireLightPhoenix 323 89
Waiter Romano redraw by maybebaby83 Waiter Romano redraw :iconmaybebaby83:maybebaby83 305 19 Elsas by sakimichan Elsas :iconsakimichan:sakimichan 22,876 747




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